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Student Resources

Make sure to follow this section of the student page for regular updates on interesting conferences in the field of forensic mental health & free student resources. If you are logged in as a (student) member, you will have access to these resources by clicking each bolded header. 

Webinars and Workshops: This is a hub that lines up a few companies and organisations providing students with free (and paid) opportunities to deepen your knowledge in various areas of forensic mental health (e.g., risk training). These resources are also interesting for students to add to their CVs or their official academic curricula. 

Writing, Publishing and Reviewing: While the spotlight is on our very own journal, the International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, we also provide students with a list of common journals in forensic mental health (e.g., criminology, psychiatry, psychology) and their impact factors, information on how to become a student reviewer and how to conduct reviews for journals. Here you will also find a list of publicly available datasets, and tips on how to approach accessing them.

Conferences: The #IAFMHS2019 conference in Montreal (CANADA) and the many student-led activities are highlighted in this section. We have additionally listed a few other international conferences that may be relevant to you. Although we would love to meet many of you in Montreal next summer (June 25-27, 2019), we would also love to see pictures of groups of IAFMHS students at other conferences!

Tools for Students: Here you will find time trackers, productivity tools, online collaboration applications etc. The emphasis is again on free or cost-efficient student resources. 

Graduate School: We have listed a number of online and paper resources to help you prepare for graduate school applications and interviews.

Have a posting? Do you have funding, training, research or job opportunities for recent graduates in forensic mental health? Is there an upcoming conference, (free) workshop or (free) webinar that may be of particular interest for our students? Let us know at students@iafmhs.org.

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